My Dying Spirit – Greyson Chance

My Dying Spirit – Greyson Chance

Bởi MinhMin - 03/10/2022
Bài Hát My Dying Spirit
Ca Sĩ Greyson Chance
Sáng Tác Greyson Chance & Jason Reeves
Producer Martin Wave
Album My Dying Spirit (Single)
Update 03/10/2022 (8 tháng ago)

My Dying Spirit Lyrics

My Dying Spirit is a new song by Greyson Chance, Written by: Greyson Chance & Jason Reeves . Below are the lyrics of the song My Dying Spirit by Greyson Chance that has compiled and shared for you to follow.

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2. “My Dying Spirit” lyrics

I’m barely on my feet mama
I’m barely holding on by a thread
Every night I lose a different friend
I thought I had it how I wanted
Far away as I could ever dream
I don’t think California’s my speed

All on my own, all I know

So if I’m high like those other guys you’ve kissed
Maybe I’ll find you in my bed again
But I’m all alone, living on the edge
Right at the limit
Will I ever heal my dying spirit

I’m hanging on an endless hunger
It keeps the tears out the devil’s eyes
I don’t eat because he tells me that it’s fine
I’m barely even standing now
But goddamn I need another round
I can hear my name out in the crowd

If I was a hotel lobby, you’d be mighty fucking sorry
To be staying at this piece of shit right off Highway 9
On the floor of my kitchen, on a vaporizer mission
Find a little calm, please ease my mind
I’m so sorry Alexa, I won’t make her graduation
But tell Sloaney girl she’s the apple of my eye
Tell her, take your time

Every night I’m hanging by a thread

My Dying Spirit - Greyson Chance

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